The company offers consulting in several areas:

Including planning for information technology. We are living in a disrupted world and the major course for the disruption is Information Technology. It is easy to recognise the benefit information technology brings to an organization. To prove the point let us consider something that has been around for a while – the Internet. How would organizations have survived the onslaught of the pandemic if it were not possible to work from home? There are other technologies that will be even more beneficial – consider drones, RPA (Hyper automation), electric cars, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

There are several frameworks that can be used for planning and innovation. Recently Salim Ismael came up with the concept of exponential organizations followed by a framework for achieving it. Before that we had the Business Model Canvas that many organizations adopted – refer Osterwalder. This was followed by other significantly beneficial models such as the “The Value Proposition” and others.

Our organization is well versed in strategic planning and the use of a number of approaches to undertake this important and ongoing process.

For developing information systems. The agile approach has proved to be a huge success but there is concern with regards to the successful implementation of the approach. It is difficult to take an entrenched approach such as the waterfall approach and replace it with something new. Part of the problem being the plethora of legacy systems that organizations still use. The Agile approach has another and perhaps more significant weakness – the many different approaches to take – refer XP, SCRUM, KANBAN and others. Significant work has been done to date and a successful approach is the Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe.

We understand Agile and can help companies to adopt a new approach of developing new software.

Not to be confused with disaster recovery planning or IT recovery planning. The consulting is in line with ISO22301. An imperative in BCP is the involvement of Executive management. BCP is far more than natural disasters, telephone lines that went down. What if there is a major crash on the stock exchange. Every part of the organization must create and exercise their plans. Without executive commitment the process is a nonstarter.

We understand BCP and have been part of many exercises formalizing the approach and testing it.

Nowadays the functionality has been extended into a concept called hyper automation. There is a couple of points that need to be made about RPA – firstly there are no robots involved – it is all embedded in pieces of software code. Secondly – there is no magic wand! Organizations have been automating processes for an exceptionally long time. What is new then? A simple example will suffice: Capturing information into a simple spreadsheet and the automating the re-capturing of information into other spreadsheets or systems. When we move on to hyper automation, we start introducing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – software that can make decisions. However, the whole process can be a challenge and great care must be taken to identify the correct processes to automate.

Our organization, having had a lot of experience in rolling out RPA, can assist organizations with the implementation of this potentially advantageous technology.

Every year, and sometimes more often than that, the auditors pay a visit to ensure that inherent risks in the application of IT are mitigated. To ensure appropriate controls for addressing risk can be a daunting task. Therefor the response is for IT to establish an IT Governance framework. Way back in the 1990’s the first framework was created and this grew into something we know today as the Control Objectives for Information Technology (COBIT) – the latest version being COBIT 2019.

Our company has extensive experience in using COBIT and can assist organizations to implement and use it.


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